Promo/Terms & Condition

To Our Dearest Customer,

         We are Celebrating our 3rd Year Anniversary and Happy Sauna  would like to thank all our Guests who gave their trust and to experience to the good quality service of Happy Sauna, and as part of giving a Thank you, Management will be having a Promo named   "One Time Payment Promo". 

Meet our Beautiful Escorts any time you want with just paying once, as long as you are living in the following States:  California,Chicago,Georgia,Hawaii,Iowa, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles,New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, New York,Wisconsin.. Countries from Italy, Turkey,France,Germany and United Kingdom.

This Promo is not applicable for those Customer who's not living on the said area and Promo will end til November 30 2018.


No Place to stay for the Night?

We will Get a Room for you! Depending on the Meeting Area. 


1) We require our Guest to use Condoms.

2) No PHOTOS/VIDEO Taking while doing the service.

3) MONEY back Guarantee if needed and for some Emergencies.

4) Escorts will be deducted and will be given a Penalty by the management if she arrive on late or failed to show off.

5) For the One time  payment Promo, Make sure to always forward the Receipt to our E-mail every time that will set a schedule and to verify the Guest. 

6) The Management is In charge to arrange all problems regarding on meet up if there's any.

Receipt will be forwarded for those Customer who is schedule with our Escorts, will receive after the payment.

  Thank You Very Much!

  Happy Sauna Management